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I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this opportunity. I wore gel nails for years, but then one moment I started developing an allergy to my nails, I feel like a UV lamp. So I couldn’t walk around with my nails done at all. When I discovered your website, I realized that I could make beautiful nails for myself. I also tried nail polishes in the meantime, but they still wear out so quickly that it’s more of a waste of money. Your nail stickers will last at least a long time and can be fitted as desired. I have also received compliments from friends, colleagues and others and no one really wants to believe that these are stickers. This topic is relatively new yet. I also got a couple of colleagues on your website and they have also ordered and are wearing them. Everyone really likes them and they are very easy to install. If in the beginning I rebelled for about an hour, now I can get faster and better.


Hello. I want to give feedback about the product. I had the first stickers NELE, I was very happy with them: both installation and removal were quick and easy. Since the base is transparent, the stickers lasted 18 days (although I washed the dishes, I didn’t go to the sauna or the swimming pool, if suddenly they could have lasted less. Yesterday I installed KEIT, I immediately noticed that compared to NELE, the installation took more time in some places; The fact that different colors behave differently, I observed when I did a manicure with gel polish, may be normal. I will continue to watch, it is interesting for myself how stickers will behave in the sauna or in the sea / swimming pool, but in the long run it is also interesting how stickers and glue affect the health of nails. I bought different designs – the choice of colors and designs is very good 😃


I was satisfied with my nails!

I wouldn’t be suffering for more than two weeks because I did them all housework and did not use topcoat. The result would remain with the top coat definitely even better.


I am very happy with the nail stickers.

Today is 10 days and it looks like 14 days will still be full. Super!

I will definitely order more from you and I have already got some new customers for you.

Strength, endurance and success for the future!


Stikily I have used 7-8 packs now and it is getting better. Today, very soon, also beautifully. I was also ready to throw away the first two packages 🙂


Hello. You wanted feedback😊 I’m happy with the nail stickers. I put it on after 08.01.22 and it is still on, I can’t comment on the removal yet. It was not difficult to put on and it went very well. I will also send pictures of what they look like at the moment😊 . Sunshine for you and interesting designs for nail stickers, look forward to☺️


I have also tried the first package now and am already choosing which ones to order. Even the first time installation did not take long and the result is very, very beautiful 😍 it has stayed on well and nowhere has the corners been opened or anything. I also tested that one hand was varnished and the other was not – both options hold up mega well 😊


Happy and happy new year! I also decided to try these nail stickers because there is not really room and I want to sit in the cabin every month.😉
The result is supper! 😃 A very good way to get a quick manicure because the installation is easy and the result is mega. You now have to stock them up more so you can take them quickly if needed. 😉 Red is a classic, I’m not over or around it! 🤗 Grateful! 🙏👌


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Within 30 days of placing your order, we offer a money-back guarantee to our customers. We dare to do it because Stikily nail polish stickers have already been used by quite a few women – and they are happy! See what kind of feedback customers have given on the feedback page.


  • You have difficulty applying nail polish stickers;
  • Stickers do not stick as promised;
  • The stickers will come off a few hours after application
  • The stickers start to “bubble” after application.

If you have a different problem with the stickers – let us know at
We will be happy to find a solution or if it still fails – we will refund the order money.

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