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Stick-on nail polish - an ideal alternative to nail polish!


Salon-worthy nails at home! Easy to apply and lasts up to 14 days!

Clean your nails of grease and dirt. It is essential that the nail surface is clean – that way, the glue under the sticker better adheres to the nail. Gently push back your cuticles so you can apply the nail wraps as close to the nail bed as possible.

Select the right size nail wrap for your nail. If you are having trouble choosing between two sizes, always choose the smaller size. It is important to apply the sticker only to the nail and not the cuticles. If you wish, you can use scissors to cut the nail wraps.

Remove the protective film.

Peel the sticker from its backing.

Place the sticker on your nail and press it down to coat the entire nail surface. SSmooth it down against your nail, making sure it has properly adhered to your nail.

Cut off the excess with scissors as close to the edge of the nail as possible. File away the excess using long strokes in a single direction. If you wish, you can add a clear top coat to make Stikily nail wraps even more long-lasting.

Avoid contact with water for two hours after application. Hand washing is OK, dish washing should wait a little bit 😉

Nail wrap removal

Removing the nail wraps with nail- or cooking oil.

Put a little oil on the root of the nail and let it work a little. Then start tearing off the sticker with a wooden stick – the oil dissolves the glue and at the same time get the sticker off with a wooden stick.

More tricks

  • Remove stickers after shower or sauna. The heat makes the glue soft and makes it easier to remove.
  • Let the oil moisten the nails a little. Do not put new stickers on immediately. Let the nails stay overnight and put new stickers on the next day.
  • Be sure to wash your hands to remove any grease and oil before applying new stickers. This is how the sticker is firmly attached to the nail!

Remove the stickers without damaging the nail surface!

Nail wrap removal with nail polish remover.

Take a cotton pad, soak it with nail polish remover, and place the pad on your nail. Let it sit. Remove it just as you would with regular nail polish.

Adjust the time of nail polish remover soaks as necessary. To keep the cotton pad in place, you can wrap it in foil.

PS! Do not pull the nail wraps off your nails, as it can damage your nail surface.



Within 30 days of placing your order, we offer a money-back guarantee to our customers. We dare to do it because Stikily nail polish stickers have already been used by quite a few women – and they are happy! See what kind of feedback customers have given on the feedback page.


  • You have difficulty applying nail polish stickers;
  • Stickers do not stick as promised;
  • The stickers will come off a few hours after application
  • The stickers start to “bubble” after application.

If you have a different problem with the stickers – let us know at
We will be happy to find a solution or if it still fails – we will refund the order money.

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