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Stick-on nail polish - an ideal alternative to nail polish!

Stikily --- riin-aas

I discovered the nail polish stickers for myself and immediately clicked – “Yes! That’s my topic!” I’ve had trouble pecking my cuticles all my life … yes – it’s a disease. For some reason, this is not a problem if the nails are varnished, covered with gel polish, or if I had gel nails.

Monthly maintenance was no longer possible, and with nail polish to achieve the effect of gel polish – well, I do not have such a day off.  I also always found a reason not to buy a gel polish kit with a UV lamp at home – it seemed too complicated.

I also like treatments that can grow out of you – such as curling and coloring your lashes – they just evaporate over time and don’t scream when new care is needed 🙂

The same is true with a nail polish sticker. If I take it off, I’m without varnish; if necessary, it is possible to update the nail design even daily according to the clothes or event. If necessary, I know that a nail polish sticker with glitter, for example, lasts freely for even 14 days, and so on. In addition, I like the opportunity to try something that I wouldn’t normally risk, I would never buy a whole bottle of yellow nail polish – but with nail polish stickers I can try it and generally be pleasantly surprised 🙂 

And I like that freedom – easy to apply, easy to remove – EASY!

And fascinated by this simplicity, I created a brand of nail polish stickers.
Today I am cooperating with a manufacturer who has experience in the production of nail polish stickers since 2010.  The manufacturer has passed BSCI certification, received ISO9001 quality management certificate, nail polish stickers have received SGS certification and FDA certification, and fully complies with EU requirements.

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